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Application: it is for seed fine cleaning and grading for removing dust, light / large / small impurities, blighted and broken seeds according to sizes and aerodynamic characteristics of the materials.

This series of air screeners are suitable for all type of seeds: cereals, beans, spices, oilseeds, vegetable seeds, grass seeds, flower seeds and forestry seeds.

Capacity: 5TPH to 12TPH (190BPH to 450BPH) based on wheat


    • Excellent cleaning and grading outcome are result from variable screen configuration, pre and after clean aspiration systems
    • Enclosed design for clean operation environment
    • Easy interchangeable multi-layer cleaning screens for flexible processing
    • Upper and lower screen decks momentum are dynamically balanced during operation for stable running and no vibration transferring to floor
    • Positive & negative blower systems at top and bottom for twice removing of light impurities and incomplete seeds.
    • Screen frames, rubber ball trays and feeder are made of high quality wood for excellent sealing, vibration absorption and low noise
    • Wide adjustment range realizes fine cleaning and grading process
    • Safety guard equipped for every moving component to ensure safe operation
    • Optional symmetric left or right heavy duty machine structure and discharge system based on site conditions
    • Powder coat finish for best quality and duration

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