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Batching Systems

Application: major ingredients weighing and dispensing process to make desired feed recipes.


    • Weighing batching systems integrated top brand load cells, indicators and industrial computer to provide accurate and stable proportioning process
    • Tailored design offers complete solution for your feed production

Batching System Specifications

Micro Dosing Systems

Application: high precision micro dosing system guarantees micro ingredients and nutrients requirements and cost saving in micro ingredient consumption.

Capacity: 10 batch/h. Dosing range 5kg-30kg per batch


    • Unique modular design for flexibility, small foot print and easy access
    • (5) Material boxes per unit
    • Each unit equipped with (2) 70mm and (3) 50mm dosing augers
    • VFD drive for accurate and easy operation
    • High accuracy: Static ± 0.1% FS; Dynamic ± 0.2% FS
    • Stainless steel material contact
    • Air pad fluidizer in hoppers for high efficiency and smooth operation

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