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Application: it is for seed fine cleaning and grading for removing immature, insect damaged, moldy and germinated seeds, impurities and admixtures such as stones with similar size but different specific weight.

Gravity graders, also known as gravity tables, gravity separators or density separators, are the key grading machines for seed already treated by air screen cleaners and indented cylinders.

These series gravity graders are suitable for all type of seeds: cereals, beans, spices, oilseeds, vegetable seeds, grass seeds, flower seeds and forestry seeds.

Capacity: 3TPH to 10TPH (115BPH to 380BPH) based on wheat


    • Optimal grading effects rely on the precise adjustment of feeding rate, screen deck inclination (lengthwise and sidewise), vibration speed and air volume
    • Designed for simple operation, long service life and above all, accuracy in separation
    • Heavy duty steel structural frame to absorb the vibrations and low noise
    • Rectangular deck for greater capacity and accuracy
    • Dynamically balanced blowers with individual air controller for precise air flow and easy maintenance
    • Cellular vertical air distribution device under the deck makes the air lifting evenly
    • Steel wire square woven mesh screen ensures air passing through no dead band
    • Eccentrics are counter balanced giving smooth oscillation action to the deck
    • Variable feed speed, deck inclination, vibration speed and air volume in wide range by individual control units
    • Safe guards to all moving components ensure the safe operation.
    • Powder coat finish for best quality and duration


Gravity Grader Specifications:

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