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Application: high efficiency 3 in 1 multi-function grain and seed cleaner: 

    • Removing large, fine trashes
    • Aspirator for removing light and dust
    • Grading grains/seeds by gravity

Capacity: up to 10TPH (350BPH)


    • Enclosed design for clean environment 
    • Low energy consumption for low operation cost
    • Receiving/surge hopper for flexible feeding 
    • Integrated bucket elevator 
    • Pre-cleaning screener with light impurity/dust collecting system
    • Gravity table with compact self-contained air system
    • Vibro-cleaner with set of (4) wooden framed screens for specified grain cleaning 
    • Heavy duty main frame structure with (4) wheels and jacks
    • Trash collecting auger to convey all types of trashes to a common spot for easy handling

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