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Application: it is for seed treating with chemicals before planting.

This series continuous seed treaters are widely used for seed treating with chemicals, typically fertilizers, antimicrobials, fungicides or pesticides, plant growth regulators, colorants and fillers.

The chemical dressing agent is applied on the grain a thick layer in a continuous flow. Several seed dressing agents can be dosed at the same time. Seed treatments can be more environmental friendly for using pesticides as the amounts used can be very small. The dressing layer on seeds can improve the stress and disease resistance and speed up the germination. Usually add color to make treated seed less attractive to birds and easier to see and clean up if spilt.

They are suitable for vary types of volume seeds: grain, cotton, vegetable, forestry, flower, etc.

Capacity: 5TPH to 10TPH (190 to 380BPH ) based on wheat (≥99% quality seeds, ≤0.1% broken rate)


    • Impeller type feeder and level sensor featuring continuous feeding, accurate measuring and adjustable feed volume
    • Optional automatic and manual liquid supply modes
    • Two stage seed and dressing liquid mixing systems for gentle handling of seed and uniform dressing layer
    • Easy to clean-up. Powered soft brush cleaning system for removing materials and liquids on inner wall of the mixing chamber
    • PLC controller for auto-operation
    • Compact and enclosed design
    • Continuous and reliable processing with high capacity
    • Powder coat finish for best quality and duration                          

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