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SERVICES – What We do

Planning & Engineering


Master planning and engineering design with concept development and projections for growth.

We provide a broad range of comprehensive engineering consulting services in grain storage & handling, grain milling, processing of seed, oilseed press, feed and livestock farm systems.

COFCO begins adding value to your project from your first contact with us. Our experienced staff can provide the information you need to get your project started.

Turnkey Projects


Turnkey project contracting for new systems or evaluation of existing ones.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the industries offer you a one-stop shop for your project solutions including project construction, installation and management for every stage.

Manufacturing & Equipment Supply


We offer high quality, advanced mechanical and electrical equipment with competitive price.

Our in house manufacturing capability and long time partnerships enable us to integrate and optimize equipment selection for your project.

Project Financing


To maximize our support to customers, project financing is available from us when we partner with you for a project. It will greatly improve your business flexibility for the long term operation.

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