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Application: cleaner for grain pre-cleaning and processing cleaning.

Capacity: 3TPH to 120TPH (115BPH to 4,500BPH)


    • Modular design for a variety of series and models
    • Enclosed design for clean environment
    • Heavy duty structure for durability and reliability
    • User friendly adjustable feeder for easy operation and superior efficiency
    • Screen deck structure for fast maintenance
    • “Loose free” vertical screen deck compressing and locking mechanism (Patent: 201020207537.2)
    • Adjustable screen deck slope for different applications: 6°, 8°, 10°, 12°, 15°
    • Screen deck designed with a range of shaking strikes and angles for process flexibility
    • Dual motor vibrators driving system
    • Durable rubber spring supports
    • Powder coat finish for best quality and duration 

Vibro Cleaner Specifications:

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